The approach to growing personal home page.ini file is proper here in clean steps. Now in truth examine discover ways to create a domestic page.ini report recursive. absolutely, the report that is showing inside the root list can’t make modifications inside the toddler directories. So in case you want to make adjustments in subdirectories then you truely need to create private domestic net page personal home net web page.ini document recursive.
Now actually see an instance if you have a listing in the public_html folder like public_html/weblog. Now whilst you exchange memory restriction from personal home Hypertext Preprocessor.ini. Then it’ll exercise on a public_html folder, now not internet e-book listing. So if you need to make adjustments on subdirectory moreover then “create a personal domestic private home page.ini record recursive”.
in addition, it’s complicated to make Hypertext Preprocessor Hypertext Preprocessor.ini report for every subdirectory. So better to inform the server via .Htaccess document to change all subdirectories at the equal time as any exchange takes location in private home internet page.ini record. If .htaccess available then nicely otherwise create .htaccess document first.
suPHP_ConfigPath /home/username/public_html
check Created personal home page.ini document Recursive
Now in fact test create Hypertext Preprocessor.ini document recursive. on the same time as create a phpinfo internet web page inside the subdirectory and test it. After it, load the phpinfo net page you can see the “Loaded Configuration document” is reflected photo internet net internet page’s private home net web page.ini report that you need to create recursively.
more information about this method is going here: PHP ini File Recursive

create .htaccess file


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