Model Qandeel is a famous woman in Pakistan. She was referred to as social media heroine. Every character is aware of about the videos between Qandeel Baloch and Abdul Qawi. The true name of this woman is Fozia Azeem. Her dying came about in July at their residence. The residential subject of Qandeel Baloch is Multan, Muzaffarabad. Qandeel Baloch wants to exhibit herself on the planet for this she does new tricks every day but she did not understand that her habits will take her life. She lived in Karachi and needs to satisfy with their mom and dad when her murder took place. Qandeel Baloch also wanted to get marriage with Imran Khan. She also went for an assembly with Imran Khan when he was on striking however he denied meeting with him. Consistent with media and FIR, her brother killed him for admiring. Model Qandeel Baloch, Model Qandeel Baloch Death, Model Qandeel Baloch Pic, Model Qandeel Baloch death news, Model Qandeel Baloch Photo


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